? Spread your wings, our Class of 2K17

The day began in high spirits and much colour as the matric class met in various places in the school to photograph themselves with each other. Dressed up simply, sometimes youthfully, sometimes hilariously, it marked a way in which they could celebrate their Informal Valedictory. Before the traditional singing of  a song by the Grade 11s, the Matrics and the teachers – there was the screening of a video compiled by the Matric Memories Committee. By the end of the Informal Valedictory, there was most certainly distributing of tissues – tears of laughter, nostalgia and a dawning of the significance of the occasion. There was however a reason that Valedictory 2K17 was a signature one. The Matrics of this year named their year 2K17 in loving memory of Kirsten Schultz, who would have been in their matric class this year but succumbed to cancer in her Grade 9 year.  Throughout the day, despite the excitement and happiness, there were visible signs and symbols that her loss was felt.

During the Formal Valedictory service, parents and loved ones gathered not only to witness this significant rite of passage, but also to celebrate the achievements of their girls. The guest speaker this year was a former teacher from Wynberg, Mrs Thandi Mpambo-Sibukwana, who taught at Wynberg until 2010 before she went on to work in the Premier’s Office. She reminded Matrics that ‘they were the architects of their own future’, and that the foundation that they have received at Wynberg makes them immensely powerful – more perhaps than they knew. With that, came the responsibility to leave the protective walls of their school and build the society that is needed. This was followed by the awarding of the prizes for significant achievements this year.

Jessica Stevens then delivered her final speech as Head of School. In it, she thanked the staff and the parents – and particularly hers. Tracing their journey from Grade Eight through to this final momentous occasion,  she struggled to speak through her tears. It was deeply moving, and had all the marks of a job well done as Head of School.

We wish our Class of 2K17 farewell as they go off to write their final examinations to create their paths in this big, beautiful world.