Strong support for our spirited Waterpolo Teams

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Despite a loss in score, the spirit and energy of the Wynberg u19A Waterpolo Team was undaunted.

On  20 October the Wynberg Girls’ 1st team played their first fixture of Term 4 against Rustenburg Girls’ High School. The support at the pool was incredible – singing, cheering and even a bit of dancing to the music contributed much to an exciting and energised atmosphere.

The U19A put up a spirited fight throughout their game and played an outstanding game. Despite this, we came away with a 5-3 loss. However, goals of team-work, determination and a formidable focus were evident in the game  and provided some excellent entertainment.

Olivia Walker

Waterpolo U19B Match vs Rustenburg:
What a fabulous start to the season. The U19B went into the match with fiery determination and a very clear game plan – one of which was to stay on the goal side and at all times to give our very best. The atmosphere at the event did much to remind us that we were Team Wynberg, and spurred us on . All in all,  it was keenly competitive game, and a very exciting start to the season. The end score was 5-5.
Emily Hansen

Waterpolo U16A Match vs Rustenburg:
Very well done to the U16A team for winning their first match of the season against Rustenburg 5-1. We gelled really well as a team for our first match. Special mention must go to our goalkeeper, Jordan Laguma, who played exceptionally well and saved many hard shots. What a really great  start to the season.
Layla Adams

Waterpolo U16B Match vs Rustenburg:
This game was a difficult one for the U16B’s. Although the game was tough, the team was certainly not without its stars: Zanelle and Jennifer showed a very serious commitment to defense, and Kayleigh, who was playing her first match was a great asset to the team. The end score of 8-1 to Rustenburg was unfortunate,  but we know that every defeat has it’s own seed,  its own lesson on how to improve our performance the next time.
Julia Meyer