Summer School: a Day with a Twist

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On Friday, 13 February, Wynberg attempted a new kind of learning: Summer School.  Taking inspiration from a similar programme at UCT, an ordinary day was replaced with a day where students chose what they wanted to be taught, and in some cases, what they wanted to teach.

Students, teacher and guest speakers alike organised a massive range of talks on various topics, as well as activities.  Students had the opportunity of choosing four of these to attend on Friday, with talks on Greek mythology, preparing for the matric dance, cricket and careers in film and fashion making up only a tiny fraction of those available.

I myself chose to attend talks given by representatives from Stellenbosch University and UCT.  Hearing them both on the same day, so all the information was still fresh in my mind, became a valuable tool for comparing them and making a decision, while both speakers kept the girls giggling, despite the walk focusing on what would otherwise have been  some fairly complex and confusing material.  Both talks painted a clear picture of what was needed to apply in any of the faculties, and served as an excellent introduction to the process of applying to a university.

For those wanting to focus on their school work, there were also a series of revision sessions for various subjects, and a research hour for projects.

Summer School proved to be an exciting and invigorating experience, and it is certainly hoped it will make a return next year!