Grab your picnic basket – it’s time for our Sunset Concerts

Parents, staff and pupils came together on the 16th of October to listen to the music of Wynberg Girls’ and Boys’ High School and they were certainly in for a treat. Despite concerning weather,  it was clear that the show had to go on,  And it did!

The Sunset Concert, typically held on the grass of the John Baxter Outdoor theatre was moved into Clegg Hall, owing to the rainy weather. If guests were distressed at the change in venue, the music performed washed all of that away. The Boys’ High’s Jazz Band performed with gusto and flare as each member performed solo revealing both talent and their commitment to excellence.

As the weather cleared up, guests headed to the quad where we listened to a fine performance by the Pipe Band. Dressed in traditional kilts and overall dress, they were certainly the talk of the evening. The performance was followed by Wynberg Boys’ Steel Band, led by Mr Keenan Olifant. The both rehearsed and impromptu dance moves made for a fun and light-hearted evening.

Last but not least, Wynberg Boys’ were joined by  Girls’ High musicians where, together, we performed a number of medleys – the rock sounds of Queen and items from the Broadway hit “Wicked” ended the evening on a high note for all of us.

Juliet Stromin

Sunset Concert - 2016