Support Staff treated to an afternoon off by School Council

Day in and day out the Support Staff at Wynberg Girls’ ensure that our grounds are clean, our classrooms neat and our functions a success. It was decided by the School Council a few weeks ago that, as part of a service initiative, we would hold a special tea for the hard-working Support Staff of Wynberg Girls’ on Tuesday the 15th of May.

Ms Stokell, the Support Staff’s manager, had informed them that they had to ‘attend a special meeting at 14:30’ and implied that they were in ‘big trouble’. Little did the staff know that quite the contrary would be happening! Tables had been set and delicious treats puchased, the sun was streaming through the windows of the Life Skills room and the School Council were ready, waiting to welcome the shocked support staff with a loud round of applause. After explaining that nobody was in trouble after all, we served the staff their refreshments and asked for them to hand over their classroom keys. The Council split up, covering the cleaning ladies’ duties for them whilst they enjoyed an afternoon off (hopefully we did a good job – we had no idea those classroom doors could be so difficult to unlock!)

We had also organised some light entertainment to get the afternoon going, and first to perform was Tatum Fortune’ violin trio from the Music department. Following the trio was our very own Ubuntu Chamber choir who wowed us with their harmonising and rhythm. the support staff were then treated to the Gumboot Dancer’s latest routine and the impressive poetry group’s slam poetry performance.

The remaining Council members then joined the support staff at their tables to learn a bit more about them – about their personal lives, about the kind work they did, about their struggles and their truimphs. We also taught one of the groups how to play Uno – the game ended up lasting for about an hour (the staff have since requested they be presented with their own pack of Uno cards!)

Anna Jacobs kept the mood light with a lively selection of jazz music, and when four o ‘ clock arrived nobody wanted to leave. The support staff were immensely grateful and it was hugs all round as they left the Life Skills room, take-home Tea packs in hand for their families.

Although the Tea was meant to be a reward for the Support Staff, it became a reward for the Council members involved too. It was so great to be able to get to know the ladies and gentlemen that keep our school in such good condition, and we hope they enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did. Thank you to Ms Stokell for helping to organise the event with us, and thank you once more to the Support Staff for all the work they do.

Now, Vuyo and Charlie, how about another round of Uno?