Surprise performance at the 2016 Ensemble Concert

On Wednesday the 18th of May the annual Ensemble Concert once again made its appearance. Our eager musicians had evidently been rehearsing to very hard and as result, provided an evening of musical bliss.

The Ensemble Concert began with a surprise virtuosic performance by Mr Saayman, Ms Pearce and Mr Lewis.

This was followed by performances from our award-winning choir and their delightful musical numbers For Good from the musical “Wicked” by S. Schwartz and Tintinnabulum from “Songs of Sanctuary” by K. Jenkins.

The entire evening ended with a performance from our Senior Marimba Band, performing “Live Right Now,” composed by their teacher-trainer (and former student Head of Culture), Kiara Ramklass.

We are extremely proud of our ensembles who have upheld a high  standard standard of performance, some of whom made their first public appearance at the Ensemble Concert. From the Baroque Ensemble’s, “Sonata No. 1” by A. Corelli, to the Jazz Band’s performance of “Don’t be so hard on yourself” by J. Glenne we were truly taken on a musical journey through time.

With a cup of tea in the hand, the audience was charmed by the evening performances and the enthusiasm of our aspiring musicians.

2016 Ensemble Concert