Sushi Demonstration

The Grade 11 Consumer Studies learners were privileged to have Tyrone Rothwell and his sushi chef come in to school to give them a lesson in sushi-making.

Tyrone Rothwell is the proud owner of Buena Vista and Casa del Sol. On the 27 August, he and his sushi chef, Ferrera, came to give the grade 11 girls a demonstration on how to make and present restaurant quality sushi. Tyrone shared his knowledge of how he became a successful entrepreneur and some tips of how to start ones own business. It was a lovely, enriching experience which the girls shall always value and use in the future.

A couple of girls got the opportunity to help with the plating of the sushi.  Of course what they will remember the most, will no doubt be the sampling of the sushi!

Grade 11 Sushi Demo