Sutherland: the town of snow and stars…

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Some of our Grade 9 learners had the opportunity to join Hertzlia on a two day excursion to Sutherland – the town of snow and stars.

We got to appreciate the beauty of the Karoo landscape, took a walk through the quaint tourist town of Sutherland and even did a bit of history as we visited an old grave site.

However, as darkness descended, the reason we were in Sutherland came sharply into focus – the stars. We all became amateur astronomers as we made our way round the night sky both with the naked eye and through some powerful telescopes. The highlight of the evening though, was the 3:00am sighting of Saturn with all its perfect rings – a sight well worth getting up for.

The next day we set out to SALT where we had a most informative tour around the complex. We also had a rare view of the biggest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere rotating on its axis to display all its mirrors – a truly wow moment for us all.

On the journey back to Cape Town the 3:00am wake up took its toll as the bus became silent.

We would like to thank Hertzlia for the invitation to join them on this very special trip.