Synchronised Swimming

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In Early March 2015, the Level 1 & 2 Synchronised Swimming competitions were held in East London.

Ellen Shwerdtfeger, Gabriella Livasage and Caroline Enslin opted to take part in the Level 1 tournament. The three girls competed in both the figures (16-18 years) and Trios (a combination of level 1 and 2 competitors) and Caroline also competed and won gold in 16-18 level 1 solo.

In the figures event, Ellen placed first, Gabriella 2nd and Caroline third. The girls also won the trio event by almost 4 points which is a very large margin in synchronised swimming scoring. Overall WGHS placed 7th in the combined level 1 and 2 points scale with 28 points and only 3 swimmers.

Congratulations to these 3 girls who are called to collect their hard-earned medals.