Taking in scenes from District Six, Camps Bay and Signal Hill with Grade 9’s

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On Monday 7th of March Grade 9 got an opportunity to go on an outing to the District Six Museum, Camps Bay and Signal Hill. We had originally planned to go on the Table Mountain cable car, but sadly because of the wind, it was closed. However, our teachers, as always, had a Plan B and we really enjoyed being out and seeing all the beautiful sites.

The District Six Museum was interesting and gave us some insight into what is was like living through the awful times of Apartheid. A man kindly shared his story with us about what it was like to live in District Six and how Apartheid affected his life. Across the road, we spent some time with a woman named Mandy who took us through a quick workshop that showed us what is was like to be classified into different racial groups and how unfair it was.

We then got back on the bus and drove to Camps Bay to incorporate some Geography. We took pictures of headlands, valleys, spurs and gorges and were happy to experience it in real life instead of out of our textbooks. When we were done, we headed to the top of Signal Hill with the bus. We got see a trigonometrical beacon, District Six and Cape Town Harbour from above, and the wave cut platform which Green Point sits on.

We really did enjoy and learn something from this outing and are so grateful to our teachers for taking us out and being able to see the beauty of Cape Town.

Robyn Brown 9W