Tasha Ainsworth wins several awards at the AIDT Bursary Awards Weekend

On Thursday 9 June, with special permission from the school, Tasha Ainsworth immediately after completing a final mid-year matric exam flew off to Johannesburg with her teacher in order to participate in the Association of International Dance Teachers (AIDT) Bursary Awards weekend.
As part of the competition, they were taught a dance from scratch for two hours on Friday, and had to perform it individually, on Saturday.
In order to qualify for the Medal Test Bursary competition and the Major Exam Bursary Competition, candidates needed to have achieved Distinctions in the previous year’s exams.   Amidst some very stiff competition, Tasha won the Emerald Medal Bursary, the Best Senior Medal Bursary, and then runner up prize for the Intermediate Major Bursary. The three prizes amounting to R4000.  Tasha is indebted to her teacher Kristy Brown, from ” The Dance Centre” (Bowwood Road), who trained her, choreographed for her, and accompanied her on the trip.
We congratulate her  on this fabulous achievement.