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Congratulations to Tamiya Safodien and Joanna Roodt who were both awarded prizes for their photography in the Cape Town Eisteddfod. Tamiya was placed 2nd in the Grade 10-12 section and Joanna Roodt 1st in the Grade 8-9 Section. Both received Gold Diplomas and a prize of R450 prize.

 Joanna Roodt
1st place (Gr 8-9)
Tamiya Safodien
2nd place (Gr 10-12)
  Joanna entry #1
Tamiya Safodien- Ameen entry #1


Tamiya and Joanna

The full set of certificates awarded were as follows:
Tamiya Safodien – 1 Honours and 1 Gold Diploma (2nd place in the senior section)
Mu’minah Salie – 1 Gold Diploma
Alex de Rose – 2 High Honours
Zoë Sasman – 1 High Honours
Meghan Farquhar – 1 High Honours and 1 Honours certificate
Cheyenne Britten – 1 Honours
Joanna Roodt – 1 Honours and 1 Gold Diploma (1st in the Grade 8-9 category)

Honours 76-84%
High Honours – 85-89%
Diploma – 90-100%