The importance of self-branding – Gr 12 Evening 2013

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A Matric Information Evening was held on Wednesday night, and both students and parents were asked to attend. We as matrics were not sure what to expect – there was the assumption that the evening would take the form of an exam advice session, and that we would be given guidelines with which to approach the upcoming year.

We were pleasantly surprised, however, to learn that we would be spoken to by the compelling Mr Eburne, who would not be focussing on getting through matric, but rather giving us advice about the kind of people we want to be after matric.

Mr Eburne, who has years of experience in the education sector as well as corporate South Africa behind him, is a life coach whose personal statement is “I grow people” – and it was clear by the standard of the presentation that he gave us that he does exactly that. His underlying message for the night was that it is our responsibility to brand ourselves before others do, and he emphasised the importance of marketing ourselves based on our internal and external strengths.

Although the National Curriculum provides us with the knowledge necessary to pass Matric, it does not adequately prepare us for the challenges of entering the job market or creating a good reputation for ourselves in the world of work. With his thought-provoking words Mr Eburne encouraged us to not only develop our own personal message, but reminded us of our inner potential as young women.

Ann Weller of Eduflex then spoke to us about a wonderful revision programme being made available to us as Wynberg girls – the Easypass e-learning service which will give us access to online quizzes and tests, and with which we can track our academic progress through matric.

The evening was thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyed by all, and we are very grateful to Ms Shapiro and Mrs Harding who organised it for us!