The man who came to dinner has officially left the building

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I think I speak for a number of us when saying that having had the pleasure of working very closely with Zanne Solomon, Director of this year’s Major Production, she is one of the most inspiring women I have ever encountered. She came in like a tornado, and, in an extremely short time frame, produced one of the best productions Wynberg has ever seen.

I’ve learnt so much from her, as I’m sure everyone else in the cast has, and have grown so much with regards to my theatre knowledge. Not only was Zanne Solomon our Director but she quickly became a friend too. We cannot begin to thank her enough for all she has done, because no words can describe how truly grateful we all are. Her belief in all of us, and her unerring encouragement, is what kept us all going during all those long rehearsal hours, and the final product had people in fits of laughter.

So now with the curtains finally closed and the final bow taken, we bid farewell to this year’s Major Production, The Man Who Came To Dinner.

The cast of 24 students met for their final curtain call on 5 September 2015 and gave a performance that had us all in stitches. It all happened in a blur and we are left now with memories and friendships which will stay with us forever.

To the cast: your hard work paid off. You put on a show everyone will be talking about for weeks. To the backstage crew: without you this would not have been possible and your dedication and hours of work have not gone unnoticed. All those who were involved in any way can be very proud of their achievements. In the words of our director, we will remain “petals” till we meet again.

-TyraLee Nel
(Stage Director)