The place of dreams, magic and boundless energy…

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It was the place of dreams, of magic, of boundless energy. It was the Sisanda Fundaytion Connect Day and the space in which we could play was the Zip Zap Academy in Salt River. Volunteers from Wynberg Boys’ and Wynberg Girls’ High were in for an exhilarating time! Trapezes, scarves, hanging bicycles, trampolines beckoned and the artistry and the best of circus magic filled our fantasies.

We were there as volunteers to work with 32 children aged 8-10 years from iKhaya le Themba in Hout Bay and our role was to support 2 children throughout the workshop and participate in the activities.  Before we could play, there was preparation for us: concentration, focus were important skills to have. When our guests arrived, they were provided with a snack and then all of us could come down to the big ‘arena.’ A few house rules were given, and the fun began!

We were split into groups and the instructors gave us different stations. These included the trapeze, where we were taught how to  hold the ropes correctly. Next was ‘all-in-one skills’ exercise, which required us to do cartwheels, split jumps and forward rolls. The next stations were the mini trampoline, the large trampoline and then juggling. These were alternated after approximately 10 minutes so that everyone had an opportunity to experience the different stations and activities. After this, we sat on the mat and feedback was given. The common experience was “fun” and “good”,  and when asked by the instructors what they enjoyed most, “THE TRAMPOLINE “(with pointing to it) was the answer.

After this, everyone was in for a treat upstairs. It was PIZZA! We passed around paper plates and each took a slice until there was no more. For the remainder of the time, we could chat to each other.  Most of the children spoke about the amount of fun they had at Zip Zap. When the bus arrived, the children received an easter egg as a thank you gift and waves of goodbye were given to all volunteers on their way out.

Personally, my experience wasn’t only fun, but thrilling. I learnt different skills and tried things I always feared (like doing a cartwheel) These skills can be applied to activities that are done in everyday life.The instructors ensured that these skills were taught safely so that no one got hurt.

A massive thank you to the Sisanda Fundaytion and the staff/instructors of the Zip Zap Academy for arranging a successful Connect Day and always putting smiles on both the childrens’ and our faces.

Kendra Petersen