The Real World Cup Final

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The much anticipated soccer match between the two staff teams: Progenaria (red team) and Excelphalia (blue team) certainly did not disappoint. The hype in the staff room leading up to match was carried out onto the pitch: our sacred Wellington grass.

Commentated by the ebullient and amusing Ms Opperman, the football match was actually a battle of wits and theatrical performances, with occasional displays of virtuoso skill from some of our staff members. Despite some impressive saves by Excelphalia’s keeper ED (Edwards-please-hand-her-a-raquet) Progenaria displayed extraordinary team work. Helped along by spectacular footwork from DM (better known during the match as Vinnige Voete Machado). Excelphalia opened the scoring with a sneaky goal in the first minute of the game.

Progenaria fought back and scored two goals in quick succession, taking the lead for the first half. Both teams started off with a bang in the second half: possession was exchanged often between the two teams. Excelphalia then levelled the score. Progenaria were awarded a penalty owing to ED’s interfering with DM in the attacking box. Unfortunately JW (Just Windsor) couldn’t withstand the pressure to convert: scores were still deadlocked at 2-2. Excelphalia managed to put away a goal in the last couple of minutes of the game, celebrating in awesome style, and dancing in the corner.

Excelphalia won 3-2. Not to be forgotten were the outrageous fouls directed at LW, (Captain Willing Wills) including a ludicrous red card in the 18th minute. Huge thank you to all the players, managers and skilful referring, not to mention the wonderful support from fellow teachers and learners!

Much fun was had by all!

Foxy Croxy and  Captain Willing Wills