They were strong and they were ready! Netball vs Rustenburg

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Netball teamUnder 14 A
The ‘A’ team played first. We started off well which led us to 10 – 7 goals, with us in the lead in the first half of the game. As our game continued we were supported by our wonderful team, “roaring” on the side lines along with the parent and other Wynberg girls who came to support us. We had some sloppy passes and foot-faults but they were quickly resolved and we continued to play a fresh, clean game. The final score was 18 – 12 with our winning the match. This was a great victory for the U14A’s first game of the season. Hopefully we will continue to have such a successful year, with even more support from our peers, family and school. “Go Wynberg!”

Under 14 B
Today Wynberg Girls under 14 B played a match against Rustenburg Girls High.  It was a cold, windy day and being the first match of the season, the girls felt quite nervous as they had never played together as a team before besides on practice days. The match began with Wynberg girls’ not quite playing as a team.  However once the team scored their first goal they began to settle down and communicated better.  Wynberg were up by 8 goals in the first half and played a good half with a score of 9-1 at the end of the half.

Rustenburg Girls played better in the second half, which made Wynberg apprehensive, causing them to make a few errors.  There was much contact and a few unnecessary foot faults.  But on the whole, Wynberg played a great match and should be proud of their success, beating Rustenburg Girls with an excellent score of 16 -5. Player of the match has to be Michaela Edwards, the centre who seemed to be focused at all times, making great decision and good passes.  Congratulations on your first game and win Un14 B!

Under 15 A
The 11th of May, the u/15 netball team played an away match against Rustenburg. The girls were left to play last in the cold wind.In the first half they played a fast match and quick passes and in spite of this the wind pushed it to the opposing team. At the end of the first half the score was 8-6 to Wynberg. After a bit of motivation from the coach Williams, they played a steady match and threw hard passes. They were able to keep the opposing teams score the same till the end due to the amazing interceptions from Kayla Frits. Voted woman of the match Jade Hartnick (GK) for no goals for the opposing team in the second half. We finished off the a score of 18-6 in Wynberg’s favour.
The u/15 played a tough match in the freezing wind and are extremely excited for the matches to come.

Under 19 A

Today our girls played their first match of the season against Rustenburg girl’s high school and from the start there was exciting and nervous chattering taking place. Stepping onto the court for the first half the girls played a strong game from the start putting everything into it, and Wynberg was behind by two points, the score being 9-7 to Rustenburg. Unfortunately as the next quarter came around, the score difference became bigger in Rustenburg’s favour and although the girls tried there hardest to get it back, we fell short with a few minor mistakes here and there. During the third quarter the girls worked hard and got in a few extra shots but were still running behind Rustenburg by a few goals. For the fourth and final quarter Rustenburg’s team played a very strong game leading by an 11 goal difference. At the end the team’s finished with a score of 25-14 to Rustenburg and although the girls didn’t win, we definitely learnt from it and enjoyed it from beginning to end and we cannot wait for the season ahead.

The Wynberg girls from the U19B team played a fantastic game against Rustenburg. The girls communicated on court and played as a team. From the side lines you could tell that these girls were dedicated and determined to win. They put up a tough fight and made their opponents fear them. Thankfully there were no injuries in the first and second half.
Half time score: 6 – 11 ( to WGHS)
Full time score: 16 – 21 ( to WGHS)
What a great way to start off the season, with a well-deserved win!!