Thinking about Women’s Day

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Celebrate Women's DayTo celebrate the upcoming Women’s Day, Juliet Stromin compiled a presentation that outlined the achievements and successes of some of our South African women. We explored the progress they had made through their community service work and ultimately, their help in the advancement of the reputation of women. Our hope was that it would inspire and encourage us to recognise opportunities and resources at hand that would enable us to make a difference, not only in South Africa but for women particularly..

Some of the figures focused on included Futhi Mtoba and Masingita Masunga. Both women overcome adversity, facing external and internal struggles, such as cerebral palsy disorder. The focus at the end of the presentation focused on issues that still need to be addressed in South Africa – mainly being the large wage gap between the sexes as well as the shocking sexual assault statistics. This opened up our eyes to the fact, that as a human race, we still have a long way to go. We then went on to examine a few videos on YouTube that address the issue of sexual assault with a video by Buzzfeed: ‘When Your Date Doesn’t Hear the Word No’. We further analysed and discussed the experiences we had had that related to this topic.