TMT visit us (3-6 August)

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They were a vibrant and enthusiastic group of young people who are studying at the Timothy Ministry Training College, in the northern suburbs, and have a passion for telling others about Jesus. As part of the outreach section of one of their courses they came to both our school and the Boys’ High for a few days. When they met with our respective committees they spent much time getting to know us and finding out what our schools look like on a daily basis. They spent much time in prayer with us during the week and were very much focused on seeing God do a work in our school.

They met with our committee again on Monday at first break to finalize what they had planned for the week. Then they were introduced to the rest of the school during assembly. They made themselves available for counselling or if anyone just wanted to chat with them. Then on Tuesday during our long break they organised a worship session in the hall for which one of the guys came over to help lead the singing and a couple of the girls shared things that God has done in their lives.

Wednesday during first break they had counselling sessions and then at second break they organised another worship session in the hall. The tech team was very helpful in sorting out the sound and the projector for us. Afterwards girls met in groups to prayer with each other. During first break on Thursday they met with our committee again and spent much time in prayer with each of our leaders. Then during reading period and second break one of the girls on the team led us in a study of a Bible passage. So many girls turned up that we ran out of chairs and so some had to sit on tables instead.

The time they spent with us was an eye-opener as we saw many girls in our school that we hadn’t known were active Christians. Their sessions were relaxed and open to the whole school and doors were left open so that anyone could walk in or out at any given time.

We would like to say a big thank you to the team for giving up their time to invest in our committee and the other Christians at our school and being hands and voices in our school.

A really big thank you to TMT for coming to spend time with us. It has definitely been beneficial. I, personally, have been very blessed. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to get to us.

Ashleigh Fagan