Top Schools Squash

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The Squash Team that consisted of Demi Steenkamp (1), Ashlyn Southern (2), Kaylee Marshall (3), Isobel Evans (4), Inge Tripod (5) and Nhadia Gustavo (6) left for Top Schools in Pietermaritzburg, held on the weekend of the 7th of August. They were accompanied by Mrs Furstenburg, Mr Furstenburg and their son Sebastian. Upon arrival in Durban on Friday, 7 August, the girls drove through to Epworth Independent High School for Girls in Pietermaritzburg and practiced some squash in the afternoon.

On Saturday, 8 August, they faced some tough opponents, Queenstown GHS and Eunice. The girls played some really good squash but were unfortunately not able to beat their opponents. On Sunday, 9 August, the girls played St Mary’s Waverly and Kingswood College but had tough matches and lost to their opponents. However, Inge Tripod was named Woman of the Match against Kingswood College as she was able to beat her opponent from Kingswood and gain some points for Wynberg.

On Monday, 10 August, the girls went up against Rhenish and were finally victorious. Their victory against Rhenish placed them 7th overall in the tournament. The girls played well, giving it their all and are extremely proud of their achievements. They are all looking forward to qualifying to go to this prestigious event again next year and make Wynberg even prouder by finishing in a higher position.