Truth which fills us with astonishment….

On Monday, 29 August Erin Barham, Paige Farquhar, Blaize McKinnon and I had the opportunity to attend the UCT Genetics open day. Schools from across the Cape were present for this fun and very interactive event.

The programme consisted of a series of talks and activities. The talks were very interesting and informative, covering various aspects of genetics, career options as well as admission to UCT. These talks were by both students and professors who were available for any questions we had.

During the day we got some hands on experience in a lab while testing for sickle cell disease. We also got to see some samples of cancer in different organs. We learnt how to counsel families experiencing a genetic disease. Closer to the end we used some of the knowledge gained to solve a crime. Throughout the day students were awarded with countless prizes for enthusiasm and participation. Erin Barham managed to get one.

The day was really helpful in providing us with some guidance and an idea of what it could be like to go into this field. It was a truly enriching experience.

Afroze Chiktay