UCT Architects come to Wynberg for Inspiration!

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On Friday at lunchtime, a number of UCT Architecture students visited Wynberg to have a look at the design of our eight new classrooms by Jo Noero.

In a recent video series entitled “First Thursdays Films – Art or Architecture” Jo Noero talks about his delight in being able to exhibit a set of wooden models that they’ve been making in recent years. He explains that at the heart of this exhibition is the fact that architecture has been marginalised as an art form, and that art and architecture are seen as two distinct things. ¬†The Noero Firm believe, however, that what they do is art. He explains that the models that they are producing are not not simply¬†representative of architectural ideas, but are beautiful objects in their own right.

Perhaps the reason the students from our University up the hill needed to come back to school for a little while is connected to the fact that a model of our Honours Quad and new classrooms can be seen in this video…