UCT Maths Competition 2016

On Thursday evening, thousands of high school students, including several Wynberg girls, gathered at the University of Cape Town campus to compete in the annual Maths Competition. Many of our girls take part, without fail, every single year, owing to its promising to be a fun experience. This year certainly did not disappoint.

It is the atmosphere at UCT, if not the quiz itself, that makes it an event to look forward to. To see so many students – some having traveled from places such as Paarl and Hermanus in order to be there – is a great sight. This is particularly the case because we know that we share a love of Maths. In a world in which Science and Mathematics form the future of employment, it is important that this kind of educational encouragement takes place. The competition is also a great way to meet new people. In the time between registration and the start of the test, there is plenty of opportunity to interact with people frp, all walks of life. Whether or not one takes the quiz seriously, it is always more fun working with a partner and puzzling over the challenging questions together. 

No doubt that the girls who took part this year will be keen to do so again next year, and for those who have not yet had the chance, I strongly recommend that you do.