Unimaginable …

After a couple of planned picnics held on the sacred grass, we still just can’t imagine our school without it.

On Saturday the 16th, a picnic organised by the Parents’ Association  was held in Wellington Quad. We were all a bit reluctant to sit on what has become known as the “sacred grass”, but the atmosphere eased up after performances by the Jazz, Ubuntu and Marimba bands. Parents, their daughters and the Occasions team served at the stalls that were available. This occasion also proved to be a good opportunity to launch and advertise Wool for Wonders that has a new pattern this year.

The following Tuesday  a picnic for the girls was arranged. After months of drought it was that day that brought in the wintery rains so frequently associated with the Cape of Storms. Hwever, the chilly and wet weather would never have been enough to  deter us from getting the music going. Friday the 22nd marked the last day before it would be cut up. Our Enviro Club used the opportunity to raise awareness of and celebrate Earth Day and had much needed hot chocolate and brownies on sale.

Soon we’ll be surrounded by construction noise that we will have to get used to. The noise however will be providing the school with much needed classrooms.

Jazz Band - Last on the Grass