✨ What a magic spell they weave…

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Director Penelope Glover and her cast have a winner! What magical performances were given by the entire cast of The Unravelling as they enthralled, entertained and engrossed an appreciative audience.

With a minimalist set – colourful, creative and versatile – which in an instant becomes a shop, a dark forest, the sea – the story revolves around a wise and imaginative mother, who in telling tantalising tales woven into the very fabric of the cloths she sells, draws her customers in. Not always appreciated by all of her daughters, she challenges them to weave her the greatest tale, using nothing more than pieces of cloth. Their prize is nothing less than the future. As the daughters’ unravelling begins, the shop fills with their creations – demons, zombies, talking fish … and some sinister reflections of themselves.

The play is extraordinary, and Penny’s imaginative, beautiful and thought-provoking production should NOT be missed.

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