What is Fracking?

This morning, 26 September,  Jolynn Minnaar came to school to have a discussion with the Geography, Science and Current Affairs girls about Fracking.

Jolynn Minnar is a 24 year old BA film and media production graduate from UCT, and specialised in Cinema Photography at AFDA in 2010. Having grown up on a farm in the Karoo, the issue of fracking is very close to Jo’s heart and she embarked on this investigative journey to fill the holes where information was not transparent about the impact this process would have on her beloved home town and community. She decided to produce a 10-minute video about the issue for online release only, but this project soon developed into a feature-length documentary, appropriately titled Un-Earthed. Jo’s adventures have taken her all around South Africa and through large sections of the United States. She is South Africa’s very own Erin Brokavitch, as she has tirelessly gathered samples and facts, whilst literally being chased off of property by security or hosting meetings, where the executives of major fuel companies have walked out.

Once completed, Un-Earthed will premiere in the Karoo and then go on to local circuits. Jo has also attracted an international audience with her feature, as she’s had the support of various celebrities in Hollywood (some of whom she casually chats to on gmail) and has been invited to promote her film on the international film festival circuit. What has been truly unique about this project is that it is completely self-funded, as Jo wanted to ensure that the facts remained independent of a particular stakeholders influence, in order to make an informative, non-biased documentary.

An article recently appeared in the press about Jo.