English Week – When Characters Came Alive

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It was if characters had spilled from their books into the passages of Wynberg. Gryffindor students, villains of all varieties and many main characters from dystopian young adult fiction all were present. This (unfortunately) was not some parallel universe where book characters had become real, but rather ‘Look Like a Book Day’, an event celebrating the power of books.

‘Look Like a Book Day’ was part of English Week, a period that aimed to encourage learners to read. Organised by the academic committee, the week’s events began with an interhouse literature quiz on Tuesday, 11 August. Teams from each house, made up of four girls each, were asked questions from a wide variety of categories, including ‘Misfortune in Literature’, ‘Young Adult’ and ‘Biographies’. Constantia won the event, receiving chocolate and bookmarks as a reward for their effort.

English Week continued on Thursday, 13 August, with ‘Look Like a Book’ Day, where learners, after signing up, could come to school as a book character of their choice. Many of the teachers joined in on the fun with their own outstanding costumes. A competition for best costume was also held at break.

During assembly of that same day, Na-Eela Coleman and Rebekah Nathan treated the school by reading a story each that they themselves had written. After this, the runner-up and winner of the costume competition were announced, to much excitement.

Even for those who did not participate in the dress-up, seeing all the costumes and learning about the hundreds of different characters certainly gave the day much excitement, and doubtless, many will be trying out the books they found out about.

The results for the costume competition were as follows:

Honourable mentions:

Aaisha Dout- Marvin the Paranoid Android
Erin Harris- Cindy Loo
Jessica Harris- The Mad Hatter
Jade Burgess- The Joker
Sadé Allcock- Daisy Buchanan
Emily Danielz- Hermione Granger
Nina Delvin- Hannibal Lecter

2nd place: Caitlin Cairns-Willy Wonka
1st place: Teri Herbert- Skulduggery Pleasant

Congratulations to Constantia and the winners of the costume competition!




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