Wynberg Girls’ first Service Awards

On Tuesday, 9 October, Wynberg Girls held its first ever Service Awards in our ballet Hall. The awards day was an initiative set up by our 2011/2012 Head of Service, Laylah Ryklief, and saw that all the shining stars within the service pillar were recognised for all their hard work this year.

The Service Awards was a lovely, intimate event with many exchanges of certificates of appreciation, chocolates, sweets and hugs. There was lots of cheering and support for the award-winners because only the girls who work within the Service Pillar truly understand the hard work and sacrifice this pillar requires. It was heart-warming to see many girls involved in service-related activities at our school and to see that they do not do it for the recognition, but for their love of service. A lot of girls had to leave the ceremon because they had to do work in the Library, the Computer Room or in the Tech Box, which underlined the value of their services for smooth-running of our school. These girls are a testament to our motto: “Honour before Honours”.

Thank you to all of the girls who attended the event and for putting in your time and effort to serve our school.