Wynberg Girls’ High surprise shoppers at the Blue Route Mall

It was an open secret at Wynberg Girls’ High that our school would be doing something pretty spectacular at the Blue Route Mall on Saturday morning at Thorp Delta’s stand. But there is very little that can prepare people for ballet dancers warming up to the inspirational strains of Antony Hopkins’s And the Waltz Goes On as they come down an escalator. Excitement filled the atmosphere as shoppers gathered around the Thorp display clearly inspired by the beauty of both movement and sound. Next, the vocal ensemble surprised the gathered audience and people paved a passage for our vocalists as they made their way down with a medley of songs ending their performance with the Bella Finals from Pitch Perfect. The Jazz Band shortly followed our vocal ensemble with “Big Spender” and “Valerie”- assembling from different stores and levels around the Thorp display.

The finale included all jazz band singers performing “To be Real” with the jazz band. The dancers and other vocal ensemble members all gathered in front of the jazz band to dance and keep the audience captivated. Balloons floated down from the top level of the mall and the girls were able to keep them afloat for most of the song before ending off the performance with an impromptu line dance.

It was clear that for the shoppers of Blue Mall the hum drum busy-ness of Saturday morning shopping could wait awhile as they stopped and enjoyed a celebration of excellent entertainment with Wynberg Girls’ High School.

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