Wynberg Girls Saving 87 Lives

The Western Province Blood Transfusion held a clinic at Wynberg Girls’ High School on Thursday, 3 March which  was very successful. We collected 29 full pints of blood and had an attendance of 57 people.

The Peer Promoters believe that the attendance rate was lower than the last clinic owing to the fact that there were assessments being held throughout the day and so some were unable to donate. Mandatory consent forms that have to be signed by a parent or guardian for donors under the age of 18 was recently implemented,  and this too contributed to fewer people being allowing to donate because they did not have a consent form with them.

The sisters at the clinic were helpful, caring and very accommodating to the needs of the donors, as usual and all new donors felt extremely comfortable, and understood the process of donating blood.

Congratulations, Wynberg Girls’. Together, we have saved up to 87 lives.