Wynberg Mathematicians do not disappoint …

On Monday 19 September, there were a number of maths awards presented to various girls from grades 8, 9, 10 and 11. The awards ranged from the UCT Mathematics Olympiad to the Western Province Mathematics Team announcements. Many girls were awarded merit certificates for achieving in the UCT Mathematics Olympiad, an annual mathematics competition for schools in the Western Cape. More than 50 schools and 1000 students participated and our Wynberg learners did not disappoint!

The awards which followed were certificates for the South African Mathematics Olympiad. Numerous learners received certificates for passing the first round of the South African Maths Olympiad and will, therefore, go on to write the second round. Congratulations to these girls!

The final awards given out were those for the Western Province Mathematics Team. A huge Congratulations to Kaley Appleton, Muminah Sallie and Aster Horne who tried out for the Western Province Mathematics Team and were successful in their attempts in their various age categories after going through a vigorous individual and group paper.

Despite the large number of girls who achieved in these competitions, a few names stood out. One of the was Naeela Coleman who received a merit certificate for the UCT Mathematics Olympiad and has been achieving exceptionally in her AdMaths work. AdMath is an advanced programme mathematics class and Naeela has achieved 90% and above for this extra subject for the year consistently, achieving the top mark in her Grade 10 class of 99% for which she received a trophy.

Aster Horne in Grade 8 did extremely well in the UCT maths Olympiad, coming tied fifth out of the vast number of Grade 8s who participated in the whole of the Western Cape. Consequently, Aster participated in the second round of the olympiad and received gold at the prize giving. Not only did she receive this award, but she also received a certificate for the South African Olympiad and a place in the Western Province Mathematics Team.

Kaley Appleton also did extremely well in this competition and placed 19th in her grade and received a bronze certificate at the prize giving.

Congratulations, once again, to all our Wynberg Girls who did so well in these competitions!