Wynberg School Council visits Capricorn Primary School

On Friday the 19th of July the School Council were afforded the wonderful opportunity of delivering 5 314 sandwiches (the product of a successful 67 Minutes campaign which took place the day before) to Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond. After spending many minutes loading what seemed like an infinite amount of sandwich bags into the school trailer (and then onto our laps when the trailer was full!) we set off, excited at the chance to meet the recipients of our Mandela-day efforts.
Every Thursday sandwiches are collected as part of an on-going House challenge and then delivered to Capricorn Primary, who our school supports through this feeding scheme. This Friday, however, was extra special because more than just a few hundred sandwiches were being delivered – rather, well over five thousand! In fact, enough sandwiches were made to provide each child with the equivalent of a loaf of bread in sandwiches to take home for his or her family for the weekend.
The deputy principal, Ms Shauna Pamplin, received the sandwiches with great appreciation and excitement. She was incredibly grateful and welcoming and made the School Council feel as if they had been Capricorn past pupils she was welcoming back home!
After making a ‘sandwich train’ along which the sandwich bags were passed from the trailer to the store room (this was not only efficient but rather entertaining), we were taken to a Gr4 classroom (what a reminder of the ‘good old days’) where we were able to personally hand over some of the sandwiches and experience for ourselves how much these weekly donations mean to the children. It was a very touching occasion, and we were even treated to a spirit cheer by the Gr4 class who were keen to give thanks – in fact, we suspect they wanted to keep the School Council as classroom visitors for the day!
It was also a wonderful opportunity for House Heads to see where the sandwiches they encourage their Houses to make go to after they’ve been collected every Thursday. We really encourage our learners to help us to keep this initiative operating as successfully as it currently is – especially now that we have seen first hand the impact it has on others’ lives. Capricorn provide two to three meals a day to many of their students, and our school’s donations really help in this regard.
Once again, well done to Wynberg for such a sterling Mandela Day effort!