Wynberg’s invitation to discuss the NDP with Ramaphosa and Manuel

On the 12 February Lauren Gildenhuys (Head of School) and Kate Bell (Head of Academics) attended a workshop hosted by Spine Road High at which we were asked to discuss the new National Development Plan (NDP). The NDP was drawn up by the National Planning Commission Chaired by Trevor Manuel, with Cyril Ramaphosa as Deputy Chair. It details the vision of an ideal South Africa in 2030, and objectives and actions to be taken in order to make this vision our reality. Student representatives from schools in Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha and further afield, were given the opportunity to read sections of the vision and to write comments of their reactions to it, and to discuss their opinions on the two main topics focused on: the economy and education.

This workshop was in preparation for a dialogue held in the Khayelitsha campus of False Bay College which took place on 13 February. Broadcasted to community radios, the dialogue began with a viewing of “Thandi’s story”, a video clip detailing the grim reality of many South Africans, and the cycle of poverty that many are caught in. Mr Manuel and Mr Ramaphosa were present for the dialogue, and responded to the concerns about aspects of the NDP voiced by some of the students. Their conviction in the opportunities that a concise plan could mean for our country was inspiring, as was their call for active South African citizens to begin the change for the better by 2030.

The afternoon was beneficial in that it was an excellent opportunity to see the leaders of our country being faced with difficult questions and being able to answer them in an insightful and understanding manner. It made us as students feel more included in the way forward for our country, and reminded us of the importance of being active citizens, serving others and making sure we play a role in development. We were even fortunate enough to meet Mr Ramaphosa at the end of the dialogue and to share a few words with him!”