Bread tags: A little tag, a big difference

Wynberg Girls’ High School has been collecting bread tags since the challenge was first announced by the Head of Service, Rehana Odendaal, in 2010. Our collection of bread tags may seem odd but the little white tags are used to make wheel chairs and walking frames for the Bread tags for Wheelchairs Foundation. The foundation was inspired by a similar organisation in California.

Every term our heads of houses pool their resources to see who will bring in the most bread tags, as they contribute to the quarterly house points. In the first term alone, we brought in 22,2 kg of breadtags!

It gives us great pleasure to contribute and donate to this foundation, which has thanked Wynberg Girls’ High School for the continued support. The co-ordinator of  Bread tags for Wheelchairs says to date the organisation has provided 378 wheelchairs and walking frames for children with cerebral palsy – the impact on the lives of this provision is immeasurable, so please keep bringing in your bread tags.