Interact Committee visits Capricorn Primary School

While the rest of of the school was engaged in the gripping spelling bee, our Interact Committee attended the annual “Granny’s Day” at Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond. We were invited to this event by Mrs Van Blerck of Herschel Girls’ High School as part of our Stop Hunger Now campaign.

Mrs Van Blerck is a past educator of Capricorn Primary School and is still very much involved in their social calendar. We saw that the senior citizens of the Vrygrond community are active members in the upbringing of their grandchildren. It is because of the tireless dedication of the grandparents of the community that Capricorn Primary feels they should celebrate and thank them annually with their “Granny’s Day” concert.

The students of the school put on a very warm and enjoyable concert for their “grannies”. There were performances by their choir and 2-week old recorder ensemble. There was also a Karate demonstration led by the students who are given free karate lessons from the Samurai Karate School, situated in Claremont. Girls from the Grove also performed, as well as a rising star from Capricorn who will be recording her own single in the holidays! The concert ended with a heartfelt thank you from Vice-Principal Shona Pamplin and a very exciting raffle. The gifts were supplied by the Interact Committee, who also handed out the food packs to the grannies as they left.

We were welcomed generously by the community and educators of Capricorn Primary and treated to a special tour of their newly refurbished school and saw first-hand the impact they have on their immediate community. This was such a wonderful learning experience for the Interact committee and we can’t wait to be back at Capricorn Primary School in the future!