• Introduction
  • Underpinning the pastoral care of our students is the recognition that it is only out of our own well-being that we can reach out and care for the well-being of others. A basic tenet of helping the journey of our pupils from young girls to responsible and appreciative young women is to ensure that they feel they belong.

    The school is divided into 8 houses with about a hundred girls in every house. Every house is assigned a House Head who, together with the Tutor, is responsible for the academic and pastoral welfare of his/ her girls. The Houses are sub-divided into four tutor groups whose membership consists of five girls from every grade.

    The Tutors meet their groups every morning for 10 minutes and for an extra half hour period every Wednesday. Matrics play a vital role in the success of a tutor group. It is their example and their leadership which will go a long way to ensure that the good traditions of Wynberg are perpetuated.

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