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U19 SA Championships - Surika ranked 4th Nationally!!

A number of our sportswomen have been very busy during the holidays, and Surika Snyman was one of them: she was participating in the U19 SA Championships in Pretoria from the 23rd - 30th June.

13 July 2018

National Hockey News Just In!

National Hockey selections have just taken place and there is some very exciting news for three of our girls.

12 July 2018

Dancing in Prague

Mikaela Meyer was at the airport to say goodbye to Kayla Anderson (on the right) and Juliet Lindup (on the left) as they departed for Prague with their ballet group to take part in an International Competition, the New Prague Dance Festival.

7 July 2018

International Plastic Shopping Bag Free Day - 3 July

Rethinking the bag with the international community. It's international plastic shopping bag free day today, and we're committing ourselves ourselves to banning their use or presence on our school property.

3 July 2018

Much to be gained from Community Work

One of the projects for Grade 9's at Wynberg is a community service project, where we are encouraged to think about a project to which we as a class could commit ourselves.

23 June 2018

And the winner is...

Every term the points girls have earned for their houses are tallied, and in the final assembly, the winner of the House Cup is announced.

22 June 2018

Pillar Awards - Term 2, 2018

The Pillar Awards are made at the end of each term to acknowledge outstanding achievement within that pillar during the term. These prestigious trophies were especially commissioned by Wynberg for each pillar: named after Greek Gods associated with the discipline, each trophy has a silver figurine mounted on a piece of Chapman’s Peak.

22 June 2018

Challenging our houses: Wool4Wonders

In the Wool4Wonders House Challenge at the close of term, we saw Kirsten in 1st place, with Wellesley 2nd and Apsley coming in 3rd.

22 June 2018

Inspired parting Gift

Sarah Ferguson-Brown leaves not only a legacy, but a personal and inspired parting gift.

21 June 2018

Entertaining the Elderly ...

While the Vocal Ensemble intended to provide some heart-warming entertainment for the residents of Fairmead Court on this chilly winter's day, the residents' appreciation of our performance and generous provision of a tea made it more of a treat for us!

21 June 2018