Wynberg gets off to an enthusiastic start to the academic year with programmes, parties and high expectations.

While the first week of the term at Wynberg Girls High was a short one for most of the pupils, for the Grade Eights and the staff, it was a little longer. All educators returned to school on Monday 14 January, and a number of the Grade Eights were invited to attend a pool party which very quickly became something else when the weather proved to be a little cold. For all though, it was a busy week: one of meetings, planning, goal setting, orientation programmes and social functions.

For our Grade Eights, the orientation programme includes a suitable mix of events ranging from House challenges in the form of Sports, singing competitions, Scavenger Hunts and Lateral thinking, to name a few. The 2008 Grade Eights quickly revealed that they did not need to be introduced to the concept of spirit - there is little doubt that they are going to be wonderful assets to our school.

With Copenhagen Grade Eights taking the lead in the overall results of the house competitions followed by Waterloo, and Wellesley and Apsley joint third, the seniors in the rest of the houses are going to have to work hard to counter the lead that these fine new thinkers have introduced! After lunch, the heads of the four pillars of the school reminded them of what was available to them academically, in Sport, Service and Culture. It was quite clear that the 2006 Grade Eights, Amy Campbell and Jane Sutherland (both now in Grade Ten), who performed a musical and dramatic piece respectively as part of the Cultural Pillar's presentation, impressed them enormously: our Grade Eights of 2007 were not reluctant to show their appreciation and called for an encore.

The session entitled 'Arts and Culture Games' organised by Mrs Mpambo, Ms Opperman and Mrs Shapiro is always a winner, and once again, the 2007 Grade Eights were left begging for more! Our Grade Eights in the second week began their academic programme in earnest. We wish them well in their first year of high school, and hope that they are extremely happy while they are here.

For the staff there were also orientation programmes on the Thursday and Friday prior to the official start of the year, but by Monday all Wynberg Girls' High staff were hard at work. With teas supplied by the Governing Body to celebrate our results (one of the top ten schools in the Western Cape, the top girls' school and 16 consecutive years of a 100% pass rate), a cocktail party to welcome new staff and their partners to the school, and to introduce them to the governing body, and teaching beginning on the first day of term, Wynberg Girls' High has got off to a good start. Despite any problems which the year has presented to us, enthusiasm and expectations are high, as is the laughter and congeniality in the school.

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