The WGHS VS MELKBOS warm up match was an outstanding victory for the WGHS 1st Team! For more information from the 1st team captain, read below.

On Wednesday evening, 21 April, our 1st hockey team played against Melkbos and were victorious with a 7-0 win. The goals were scored by Wren September, Yusrah Khan, and Aaliya Domingo. Our first-year players in the first team contributed to this win with goals scored by Talana Jacobs, Analissa Mguqulwa, and two goals scored by Amy Jonathan.

As it was our first game together as a team, it was difficult to adapt to each other's style of hockey, but as the match progressed, we were able to make connections. Many players were nervous, but all those feelings were pushed aside and once the match started, every team member played with enthusiasm and played their best.

This game has made us realise what we should work on as a team before the league starts. The new team members are interested to learn and grow within the team. As the first team of WGHS, we are all excited to start the league after a year of no hockey.

Report written by: Amaal Ceres (Captain of 1st Team Hockey)

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