Because so many Grade 7 students and their parents wish to attend Wynberg’s Open Day, the information sessions and school tours have, in recent years, been run on more than one occasion. This year, information evenings were held on Tuesday, 19 February and Thursday, 21 February at 19:30 and 17:30 respectively.

These evenings included a short performance of 'Snow White in Wynberg' where the cultural pillar revealed in a light-hearted way some of the opportunities available to prospective students within that pillar. This was followed by a description by Jamie Bassett, Head of School, and Nandi Ganda, Head of the RCL, of what is available in the Academic, Sport and Service Pillars.

Certainly the ease and confidence with which they spoke dispelled any parents' fear that Wynberg does not provide outstanding leadership, curricular and extra-crurricular opportunities. Jonathan Law, one of our governing body members spoke of why Wynberg Girls' High is the obvious choice for all truly discerning family members. This was followed by Shirley Harding's perspective: while she outlined the particular opportunities available to any girls who chooses to attend Wynberg, she also stressed the importance of any girl's wanting to be here. Parents and their daughters were then taken on tours of the school, where they were shown the classrooms and the facilities available to them.

The enjoyment of these evenings became particularly apparent in the open afternoon on 25 February, where girls who had attended one of the information evenings could return to the school to see it as it always operates if they wanted to. Extra mural activities that usually take place on a Monday, were what could be seen. It was there that parents and their daughters talked to us informally about their impressions of the school, our academic achievements, the leadership and tutor group systems as they observed Wynberg in action.

It is clear from what was heard, that Wynberg Girls' High is the school of choice for many in 2009 and we hope that we excited the minds of the Grade Eights of 2009 who have elected to come to our school, and that they too will embrace all of the opportunities available to them.

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