In a special assembly on 1 November, the 2011 Grade Eleven Dance committee was announced to the school. Congratulations to these girls.

 The 2011 Grade Eleven Dance Committee

 Every year, a committee of approximately fifteen girls is selected to work on the Matric Dance for the Grade Twelves. This group is responsible for selecting the theme - a closely-guarded secret until the night - designing the invitations, working on the decor and decorating the ballroom and cleaning up afterwards. They are also involved in raising funds to make the occasion a very special one for the Matrics.

We congratulate the following team who will be working on the 2011 Matric Dance:

Daniela Adams, Tarryn Beattie, Samantha Burnell, Saarah Coenraad, Nina Esterhuysen, Sian Ferguson, Robyn Lassen, Katrina Lehmann-Grube, Jade Marx, Avashni Naidoo, Mieshqah Nicholas, Chelsea Oliver, Kiara Ramklass, Kim Schilder and Tayla van Blerck and Nadine Veldsman

Grade 11  Dance  Committee