In 2010 an new tradition was started... it was one which provided a platform for girls with significant talent in the arts to reveal some of their work. It was thought that it should take the form of a two-day Wynberg Eisteddfod, that it should be organised every alternate year - those in which we were not responsible for hosting the major production - and it should happen in the last week of the second term. The intention is both to celebrate excellence and to encourage participation in the arts.

What an amazing two days we have had.  With more than a quarter of the school participating in the event, and classes being invited as audiences at various times during the day it really is an extraordinary event. Categories include the Culinary Arts - Junior and Senior; the Visual Arts including photography and film; Creative Writing; Drama, Public Speaking, Debating, Dance (video clips) and gallery Music - vocal and instrumental. It's huge. As a teacher photographing and at times filming some of these performances it is moving and inspiring to see these young girls - women - putting themselves in the very glaring spotlight.

To share some of these extraordinary performances with you, we will be hosting an Eisteddfod Concert at 19:00 in the Aileen Currie Hall. There is no charge (although if you would like to make a donation, we would be happy to accept it) but we do invite you to come and see a selection of the best performances we have seen over the last two days.

What you can expect includes the winning houseplay, directed by Carly Katzef and  Kelley-Beth Oliphant, the award-winning Senior Drama Group, our award-winning Vocal Ensemble, some top dancers and a visual arts and photographic exhibition. We have soloists, ensembles, duos, trios in the fields of music, drama, dance and public speaking.

Wynberg parents, you have amazing daughters. Bring your family and friends to celebrate their achievements.

Wynberg  Eisteddfod 2012