Yesterday, Wednesday 20 October, we celebrated a very special occasion with the Matric class of 2021, their final school event, their Valedictory ceremony.

It was truly a momentous and memorable occasion. We were delighted to be able to accommodate a limited number of family members per matriculant for us to celebrate their incredible school journey.

The Matric Class of 2021 gathered on one slope on the Honours Quad, and the parents and guardians on the other for a more informal ceremony that usual but it was no less special and significant. Siba Tokwe and Buyisile Nqubelani, the Head of School and Chairperson of the RCL for 2021 respectively, addressed the Grade 12s for the final time, followed by Dr Wallace. The three speakers shared words of kindness, wisdom, and encouragement with the Class of 2021. Several Half Colours, Colours and Protea Colours were awarded to learners for their achievements in the four pillars of the school. The ceremony ended as Dr Wallace called out the name of each Grade 12 learner who came forward to receive a protea from their House Coordinator.

As much as we are saddened that Class of 2021’s time with us is coming to an end, we are excited about the opportunities that their future will bring.

To view more photographs of this memorable occasion, click here

For the family members who were unable to join their daughters for this momentous occasion, we have a recording of the event so that you can share in the joy and celebration of your daughter’s final school event.

A big thank you to Valentina Nicol (Videographer).