In celebration of Nelson Mandela's 94th Birthday, the school came to a stand-still for (more than) 67 minutes.

During this time all the girls were divided into groups participating in service-related activities. From knitting squares for a woollen blanket to baking cupcakes with cards attached to them for old age homes, every pair of hands was kept busy.

Houses were allocated four activities each: making sandwiches, making sleeping bags, a creative activity and a specialised activity.

Silverlea's specialised activity was to make YAW dolls, while their creative activity was to make fun christmas cards for a future pre-primary children's Christmas party. Waterloo baked cupcakes and designed cards that went with the treats to Homes for the Elderly. Apsley and Copenhagen girls were the knitters and not only learnt a new skill, but used it to make a warm blanket. Other Copenhagen girls also made motivational posters with heartfelt messages. Cavanagh & Wellesley made inspiring educational posters for pre-primary schools about the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes. Cavanagh girls also did a bit of recycling around the school, while other Wellesley girls decorated cookies for learners at Tenterden. Kirsten made playdough as their specialised activity and educational flash cards for primary school learners as their creative activity. Constantia was in charge of our school's Stop Hunger Now packs, and also made cards for patients at Victoria Hospital.

While all the activities were happening, our school was visited by Charmaine Noy (a past pupil), other KFM radio presenters and journalists from the The Argus.

The day was a major success. It gave learners the opportunity to see how much fun service is, and we put a smile on many people's faces as a result of the many cupcakes, sandwiches, cookies and cards we made.

Together all the houses made 2958 sandwiches and 90 sleeping bags! Thank you to everyone who participated or donated items towards the day.

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