On Wednesday 24 November, we met in the WGHS Veggie Garden for a very special garden gathering!

With our veggie garden absolutely thriving and producing an abundance of veggies and leafy edibles, we took the opportunity to invite some past pupils who were involved with the creation of the original veggie and fynbos garden a few years ago, as well as our alumnae committee members and our School Governing Body members to express our appreciation, and to invite them to continue to be a part of the ongoing growth of our new WGHS Veggie Garden.

After being welcomed by Dr. Wallace and Ms. Underhill, our guests were invited to taste some of the freshly squeezed juices our Occasions Team rustled up using produce from the veggie garden. We can proudly say that the garnish on the canapes also came from our garden.

Guests were invited to give a small donation in exchange for our organic goods. The money raised will be used to buy more seedlings for the veggie garden.

We would like to thank all who attended this wonderful gathering and a special thanks to our fantastic Occasions Team!

Click here to view photos of the Garden Gathering.