Huge congratulations to our Jo who received a Ghoema Award on Sunday 23 April.

The Ghoema is an accolade by the Ghoema Trust to recognise outstanding achievement in the Afrikaans Music Industry. It is the only independent music award ceremony of its sort in South Africa. The event was established in 2012. The ceremony is held in March every year and contenders are judged on performances made in the previous year. The show is broadcast on KykNET.

In Jo's own words:

So this really happened!

When Nadine Brown Blom and I started Die Jaloersbokkies in 2013,the goal was to take music that has a historical connection to many people, in a language that is both celebrated for its diversity but also controversial in its past and use it as a tool to work towards unity in a divided South African society... Winning awards or accolades was not something we set out to do. It was just a Milky Bar and a PS. Chocolate wanting to add a melody to the box of Quality Streets that is South Africa.

But Algamdoelielah, after four years of HARD work, MANY sacrifices, free gigs, far travels, audiences of 10 to 12000, rehearsals in between day jobs and studio sessions around pregnancies and babies, we received a stamp of approval for a job that appears to be well done. Many have walked this road with us, held our hands, guided us and believed in a project that pushes buttons, forces the uncomfortable topics of the past and present, and jols to the beat of the lekkerness that lies in this country!

Winning the Ghoema is a mind-blowing reality to grasp, and I am humbled. Getting to 'share the stage' with my Late Daddy made it even more unreal...What a story to tell the grandkids one day!
Thank you so so much to EVERYONE who has ever come to a show, bought a cd, tuned into a tv appearance or radio interview or had a blast while jamming to the music.

Jo  Goema Award
2017 Goema Award