Members of the photography society, together with those of Rondebosch Boys' High, were excited to be invited to a photography workshop hosted by Orms on Saturday, 12 May, in the centre of town.

Five of our senior photography members Ché Britten, Jo Roodt, Marine Bosch, Mu'minah Salie and Alex de Rose spent the morning learning all about studio photography, dark room photography and cinematography. The professionals at Orms were most welcoming, and created a very friendly learning environment.

The first session was on cinematography, which was new to all five of us. Anton, the Cine HOD at Orms, told us all about what they do for their cinematography students in the new Content Creation Course, which focuses on new media. The film equipment used by their students was also shown to us.

The second session, run by Nicole, involved dark room photography. This was also new and exciting for all of us. We developed photograms of our own which was a lot of fun. It was definitely very educational and a lot more practical than the first session.

The third session was studio photography and was run by Allesandra (the person who invited us). I can confidently say that it was the session we were all most excited about. We got to use professional lighting and play around with our cameras. We used each other as models and got to feel like professional models and photographers for a few minutes!

Each session was 40 minutes and at the end, we were provided with the most delicious treats. There were also a number of Rondebosch students who had also been invited to the workshop. We all got along extremely well.

All in all, it was an amazing experience, andwe are extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend it.

Studio Photography With Orms
Orms Workshop2
Orms Workshop1