Arguably the most special assembly in 39 years.

It was an extremely difficult assembly for Wynberg Girls' High School, as we gathered for the final time as a school to end the academic year of 2019, but also to pay tribute to an exceptional leader and principal - Shirley Harding.

Mrs Harding addressed the school for the final time, framing what she said on the ideas of the Meerkat and #YouMatter - the 2019 points of focus. This, on behalf of the staff, was followed by a tribute by Mr Burrell, who provided the school with a little insight into what it is to work with her. Faith April (Head of the RCL) and Stacey Muzanya (Head of School) then presented her with a gift from the school: a painting of a protea. Mrs Duggan, our Marketing Officer, had invited all of those who belong to Wynberg Girls' High School - staff and students - to contribute to a beautiful image of this key symbol of our beloved school. Abba's "Thank you for the Music" and our school song were the rousing and moving end to this assembly.

We have learnt so much from this remarkable woman, whose legacy will live long after her being here, not only for her visionary changes to leadership within the school, the network of support systems so carefully placed within the school, but also the core values adopted by the school during her tenure.

Protea Painting by WGHS 2019