Erin Daries, Head of Kirsten 2019, reports on the achievements of her house this term.

Kirsten is a house that always strives to serve the school and the community as a whole. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others and I am proud to say that we are a house that loses graciously. Particularly when the challenges are related to the serving the broader community it really is the concern for others that is key. We are given so much so we jump at the opportunity to give back.

The Grade 8s particularly have leapt at the opportunity to give back by contributing to our sandwich drives even when it is not their turn to do so. All of our girls have done exceptionally well this term, and we are so proud of them.

Having said this some of our girls have stood out: one of these girls is Almaas Bailey in tutor group SP, who got the opportunity to go on a SA Water Polo tour this term. Lara Mills in tutor group KH has brought in the most merits this term for Kirsten - she is a fine role model for us all. Both Almaas Bailey and Shannon Car in tutor group KH have brought in the most supporter's cards. I am also extremely proud of GJ as a tutor group who have brought in the most supporter's cards as a tutor group. Kirsten strives to rise by lifting others and I am proud to be part of this movement of upliftment.

Erin Daries