History was made at Wynberg Girls' High when one achiever, Clare Rodseth, received two pillar awards

Recipients of the Pillar Trophies - Aneeka Domingo, Clare Rodseth and Sian Murray

Congratulations to the recipients of the Pillar Trophies, and particularly to Clare Rodseth who received two of them. These awards are given at the end of each term, and are given to candidates in recognition of outstanding achievement in one of the four pillars of the school: academics, culture, service and sport. The first awards were made at the end of March 2004 and never has there been any candidate who has been awarded both trophies.

Nominations for these awards are invited from the entire school - staff and pupils alike. These nominations and formal motivations are then given to the heads of each of the four pillars. After assessing the nomination and motivation of all candidates, the heads of the four pillars bring their proposed candidates to a formal meeting with the other heads of the pillars, the two deputy principals and the principal of the school.

Congratulations to Clare Rodseth, Sian Murray and Aneeka Domingo on their achievements.

Pillar Trophies  Term 1 2010